About us

Why choose ContractAccom?

Since November 2011, we have hosted hundreds of contractors coming in to Christchurch for the rebuild.  We take great care to match contractors and hosts and receive fantastic feedback on a daily basis - both from the contractors and our hosts (click here for just some of the feedback)

We meet regularly with organisations involved in the rebuild, both here and overseas, who are sending staff to Christchurch. The accommodation packages that we have put together, with the help of our great host network, is in response to their requirements.  

We have put together an induction package to support the settling in of workers coming to Christchurch.  Our experience in PR ensures that we have regular coverage in the media, both here and overseas.  With extensive business acumen, we are well placed to address company and contractor concerns.  Currently we are on the approved supplier of several large companies involved in the rebuild.

We have set up robust systems to ensure that company requirements are met, householders are supported and contractors are well looked after.  Our team has extensive experience in hospitality and travel, and are well equipped to deal with any issues that may arise.

 Kate Fahey

Kate has completed a four year degree in Physical Education and Exercise Science and since moving back home to Christchurch, has pursued a career in the accommodation sector. She has been managing property and tenants for the past 14 months, slowly merging into the Homestay domain. Kate loves a challenge and will passionately embrace the opportunity to grow and advance ContractAccom. She is a people person so please don’t be shy!


Anna Fahey

Anna was born and raised in Christchurch. She has been helping out with family businesses since a young age and was taught how to do accounts when she was 15 years old. She has worked as an office assistant/accounts person since then. She attended CPIT in 2014 and graduated with a Certificate in Business Administration and Computing. Anna will be the IT guru and will be managing the accounts.